Lodge Murdostoun Castle No.1096

Charter granted 2nd November 1911

REGULAR MEETINGS - 2nd & 4th Tuesday from September to April, Except December 2nd Tues only

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Honorary Grand Rank and Provincial Grand Rank

The Lodge is extremely proud to have 4 highly respected Brethren, who have each brought great honour to our Lodge.

Bro John J Campbell PM

Bro John Wood PM

Bro David R Craig PM

Bro Ian Thompson PM

Bro John J Campbell PMBro John J Campbell P.M. (aka Ian Campbell) was, in November of 2000, given the Honorary Grand Rank of Assistant Grand Treasurer in recognition of the 30 years of devoted service to our Lodge as Treasurer.

A better Mason has yet to be seen. He worked tirelessly to ensure that the Lodge remained on a stable financial footing, and much of our resources are due to his careful and scrupulous husbandry of all Lodge monies.

Sadly, Bro Ian has been called to Eternal Refreshment in the Grand Lodge above, and we miss him greatly. When you visit us, you will find a display cabinet in the Lodgeroom highlighting Bro Campbell. It includes his Past Master jewel and diploma from Grand Lodge.

JJC Diploma


Bro John Wood P.M. was, in November of 2005, given Honorary Grand Rank of Grand Senior Deacon in recognition of his 34 years of devoted and exemplary service as Lodge Secretary.

Bro John has previously been honoured to be Provincial Grand Senior Warden and was subsequently appointed by RWPGM Bro Kenneth D Kennedy to the post of Substitute Provincial Grand Master.

Bro John has always been a skilled Mason of great renown. Would that we had many more like him. Alas, Bro John has also been called to Eternal Refreshment. A sad day for us all. His passing leaves his family and the Lodge bereft of a good and honest man



Bro David R Craig P.M. was, in June of 2011, given the Honorary Provincial Grand Rank of Provincial Grand Almoner.

He has served our Lodge faithfully as Almoner for many long years. God willing, come the Installation in December 2019, Bro David will enter his 30th consecutive year as Almoner.

Now there is an example of dedication and devotion to duty. We all stand in awe of his skills of diplomacy and tact.

Bro Ian Thompson PM was, in October 2019, given the Honorary Provincial Grand Rank of Provincial Grand Architect.

He has served our Lodge faithfully for many years, culminating in 2019 being his Jubilee year. A unique event, being 50 years in our craft and RWM again - for the sixth time. The following photo was taken at his Jubilee presentation by RWPGM Bro Bill Perry and several members of Provincial Grand Lodge.

From left to right, Bro Derek Douglas IPM & PGJW, Bro Andrew Millar DPGM, Bro Bill Perry PGM, RWM Bro Robert Fraser (visiting Lodge on the evening), RWM Bro Ian Thompson, Bro Tom Davidson IPPGM, Bro Norman Carnegie SPGM, Bro Angus Ross SPGM, Bro William Craig Provincial Grand Secretary.

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